Month: August 2021

Finding a PR Agency

If you are looking for a PR agency Malaysia, there are many available in the industry. The country has a thriving PR industry and provides a good place to work if you are an American or a European. PR agencies in Malaysia are located in every major city, including Kuala Lumpur, which is the capital …

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ERP System in Malaysia

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) has the potential to reshape the manufacturing industry in Malaysia. It is very much important to understand the exact scope of ERP in Malaysia because the success of ERP in any country depends on its implementation in a correct manner. A robust ERP system is an essential for any successful manufacturing …

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Malaysia’s Photovoltaic System

Photovoltaic or also called solar power is an energy-producing technology. Photovoltaic cells, made of silicon, are now widely found of widespread use for generating electricity in various applications. Many nations around the globe now manufacture photovoltaic cells. They specialize in manufacturing different types of solar energy panels. Some of the countries that manufacture photovoltaic panels …

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