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The International School Kl continues to be one of the best International Schools in Malaysia. It was founded in 1978 for parents looking for a better, broader and enriching form of education for their children. From its humble start, only a few students and some staff, now from its second generation and with a growing student body, Fairview International School has become home to thousands of students from around the world. It also serves many families, as it offers co-curricular activities, summer camps and after-school programs that enable students to advance their education at an international level. The school is led by the well-known educator, Dr. Zulkarnain Balakunle.
international school kl
Students take part in an International School curriculum which is influenced by the works of many eminent personalities including linguists, sociologists, historians, anthropologists, and political scientists. The curriculum of an International School curriculum is taught using a method of interactive and experiential teaching. In the years, International School curricula has been greatly influenced by developments in Britain and the United States of America. In this regard, British English and American English are used as references. A unique feature of the International School Kuala Lumpur curriculum is that, it is taught using both objective and subjective methods, the latter being, a method of education wherein there is no room for any sort of subjective judgment. This means that teachers at the International School do not give their opinions, recommendations, reactions or evaluations regarding a particular lesson or subject. On the other hand, in classrooms in Malaysia, teachers express opinions, criticism, and support for a certain topic, subject or curriculum. In the year 1 classes, students will learn the basics of academic writing, grammar, reading and knowledge. After that, they will be taught to express themselves in English using a variety of medium including newspapers, essays, speeches, diaries, personal documents, emails and the likes. After that, they will be taught how to read journals and publications in English, besides knowing how to compose papers, create reports, research papers, essays, and the likes. Students from all over the globe who are pursuing an education at an international school in Kuala Lumpur (KL) will enjoy all these mentioned subjects. A large number of students from various countries around the globe enroll in the International School in Kuala Lumpur (KL). These students are required to travel to the country for enrollment. Most of them are required to stay at the campus for a stipulated number of months. Once they complete their courses, they will be awarded a diploma in the form of an International School Curriculum Certificate. Apart from that, International School in Kuala Lumpur also provides an opportunity for exchange students from different parts of the world to study in the country. Students from Australia, China, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, the Philippines, South Africa, USA, Canada, Taiwan, Singapore, and many other countries enroll to the school. Some of them include British, Chinese, Indian, Korean, Finnish, Indonesian, Polish, Lithuanian, Norwegian, and others. The International School in Kuala Lumpur campus is one of the few international schools that have a strong presence of professionals in the academic community and the management staffs as well. The International School in Kuala Lumpur has been recognized by various organizations as one of the best learning centers in Asia. It is one of the finest learning institutions and destinations for distance education. Besides that, the school offers outstanding teaching, research, cultural development, and community service as its core values. As it is located in a relatively small area, it has access to some of the most talented and successful practitioners of the playing fields of the performing arts in Malaysia. Another reason why the International School in Klang is one of the leading international schools in Malaysia is that it provides its students with a wonderful opportunity to develop leadership qualities and enhance their self-confidence levels and other aspects. It is a place where they can openly discuss issues and bring about a positive solution. Students at the International School in Kuala Lumpur also enjoy opportunities to meet different types of people from different cultures and backgrounds. As a result, they learn to appreciate other cultures and exchange new experiences in a safe and secure environment.