Kolcraft Agency, Key Opinion Leader; Customer Service Is Customer Priority Number 1

The Key Opinion Leader (KOL) is a salesperson whose primary duty is to build strong client relationships by providing expert advice and assistance. He or she’s an expert in a variety of markets including advertising, automotive, financial services, home and garden, property and technology. The Key Opinion Leader has many means to convey his message effectively to his or her clients, based on the sort of service they want. This produces the KOL agency an exceptional salesperson who’s highly capable of developing new business. But how can the Key Opinion Leader build strong relationships with his or her customers?

The simplest way is to provide a customer service experience that is unsurpassed by anyone else in the business. This way the customer will be more inclined to become a repeat customer. The Key Opinion Leader has an easier time producing this sort of relationship because he or she knows precisely how to communicate with each potential customer and tailor a message based on the requirements of that individual client. The Key Opinion Leader knows that the better the customer service, the more likely he or she will be to purchase a product. A customer service which leaves people hanging after the sale is not good enough.

The simplest way is to provide a superior customer service experience every time a client comes to Kolcraft. In this way, a client will be much more likely to visit another Kolcraft agency if that agency offers similar great service to other clients. The sales manager in the Kolcraft agency should always strive to make certain that each sales call is an exceptional one. This is the best way for an insurance agent to distinguish themselves from the competition.

Let’s look at an example of how this can be done. Let’s say you work at a real estate agency. 1 day, you come into the office and there is a gorgeous lady by the name of Linda. She is an individual who has a flower bouquet in her hands. She’s holding it just as though it were a bouquet of roses. If you ask her what she’s doing, she tells you that she is looking at different real estate houses and wants to send out a flower bouquet to all the potential buyers.

You know that this lady is a Key Opinion Leader. She’s sending out a message that says”I care about customer service and real estate and am going to place a flower bouquet on your window to let you know I care about you and how you are handling your business.” This message has been sent by her to a possible client who has come to the real estate office looking for a good home. Her message has been successfully converted into a phone call at two cents per call made.

This exact same agent might also be called upon by a sales associate to personally hand deliver a gift basket to a potential client. This gift basket includes a couple of things that would make the individual happy such as a bottle of wine, chocolates and possibly some coffee. The important thing here is that the sales associate does not know that the person they’re delivering the basket to is a Key Opinion Leader. This sales associate is just passing on the message from the Key Owner. This Sales Manager must know he or she’s a Key Opinion Leader.

The way this scenario plays out. A sales agent passes on the message that he or she, the sales manager is a vital owner. A call is placed to the sales manager and the message is once again passed on. The next day the same calls are put but this time the messages are passed on to the sales associates who will be calling the possible clients. The calls are being made and the very same messages are being passed .

This is not rocket science but a simple way to describe how Key Opinion Leaders work. Should you ever have the chance to take your Essential Opinion Leadership skills to the next level then I encourage you to do so. Please consider all this in 2021.