Ipoh International School Offers ESL Programs

Ipoh International School is a renowned school that offers learning opportunities for kindergarteners and those in their early preschool years. Ipoh offers kindergarten classes at its two sites in Malaysia, while another is in Singapore. This international school has been recognized by the UNESCO as an internationally accredited centre for kindergarten education. It was also named one of the “100 best schools” in the world by UNESCO. The primary focus at both the Malaysia and Singapore branches of Ipoh is to prepare kindergarteners for their entry into the schools of Singapore. Both the schools operate on similar foundations: strong academic work, home-based care, and the encouragement of creativity and personal growth within every child. Both schools follow similar curricula but different day-to-day activities. The teaching style is guided by the values of Infor, the Malaysian education system. The teachers are all qualified and have undergone the same rigorous training.
The academic and administrative premises of the Ipoh International School in Malaysia are located at Perhentian and Punak Residency, about 30 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur. The kindergarten classes take place during the morning, during which time the students engage in short training sessions in reading, writing, math and grammar. After this, the students spend the rest of the day doing simple activities such as art, crafts, music or food preparation. They are then served lunch in the canteen. Ipoh International School in Singapore is led by Mr. Zulkushere, who has also been the principal and director of education at the International School Malaysia since the establishment of that branch twenty years ago. Mr. Zulkushere is in charge of the preschool curriculum and serves as an instructor at the kindergarten and pre-school level. As the director of education, he is responsible for the selection of teachers and for the supervision of their teaching. He is also in charge of the running of the school affairs as well as the running of the kindergarten and pre-school. The Ipoh International School has a mixed set of students: the students come from different countries including Singapore, China, Britain, Korea and other Asian nations, as well as from many foreign countries. At the kindergarten and junior school level, there are a number of nationalities present. The students speak English as their first language, although most speak Malay, Mandarin and Tamil. Most of them are in school for the first time and are keen to learn English. Chinese and Malay language are also taught at the International School. The school aims to inculcate in the minds of the young students the concepts of prejudice against other nationalities, cultures and languages, and to build them up as proud members of the human race. In order to join the Ipoh International School, you need to fulfill certain criteria. You should be at least thirteen years of age; you should have at least a high school diploma (if you are not a child, you should be above thirteen years); you should be an Australian citizen or a British citizen who can provide proof of Australian citizenship by way of a birth certificate. You should be in good health and you should hold a permanent visa in your name to the country you are wishing to attend. If you do not meet these requirements, you will be considered a distant learner and you will not be granted admission into the Ipoh International School. There are several subjects that you can choose to study at the Ipoh International School including the subjects such as chemistry, childcare management, English, science, gardening, nutrition, health care, mechanics, engineering, grammar, literature, music, social sciences and secondary education. The International School also offers diploma courses in education such as elementary teaching, nursery teaching, preschool education, child development, early childhood learning, nursery care, kindergarten education, science education, religious education and social sciences. There are also a host of subjects such as business, art, culinary arts, graphic design, Interior Design, photography, art history, theatre, sound and visual arts, video and film studies and zoology for those interested in the wildlife realm. There are also courses such as photography, tourism, travel, hospitality and technology that you may wish to consider when you are enrolling at the Ipoh International School. The Ipoh International School is one of the many schools and institutions offering English as a foreign language or ESL (English as a Second Language) programs. If you are considering enrolling at one of the Ipoh International Schools, you may want to find out what courses and subjects are available and which ones are most popular with students. It is important to note that all the subjects taught at the Ipoh International School, whether it is English or another language, require a basic understanding of the English language. If you are not familiar with the English language, you may need to take additional classes and if you have prior education or work experience in the field of ESL, your academic advisor will be able to provide more information regarding how to best fit your needs.